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Training of people with autism

Care program for persons (children, adolescents and adults) with autism which is in accordance with modern knowledge about their needs and opportunities, has been carried out at the Institute since 2006 (in Dornava) and since 2008 (in Maribor).

For the purposes of this program, the Institute employs a trained interdisciplinary team of professionals, consisting of: two specialised and rehabilitation teachers, two psychologists, two occupational therapists, a speech therapist and a social worker.

In the immediate care of persons with autism, our work is based on the use of the following methods of work:


  • Structured program with visual support from the environment (TEACCH method)
  • Intensive behavioral intervention under the principles of ABA methods,
  • Alternative communication through pictorial symbols (PECS method)
  • Sensory integration.

Direct work is carried out in integrated education processes, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social and psychological treatment, and physical and musical art treatment.

Users are treated by considering the following areas:

  • The process of diagnosing the different areas (communication, social skills, cognitive development, play, knowledge, autonomy, etc.) by means of diagnostic tools, such as CARS, ABC scale, ADOS, PEP-3, ABLLS, etc.
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of an individualized program,
  • Analysis of undesirable behaviours and planning, implementation and evaluation of prevention and intervention plan,
  • Working with parents.