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Life in housing

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Life in integrated housing is a normal form of stay of persons with disabilities, allowing these people to meet a large part of their life needs in a normal environment.

This program has been active since 1999, when the first group of houses was founded in a residential building in Dornava. Other dwellings, established later, are located in blocks of flats and houses in Ptuj.

The life of persons with disabilities in housing is the same as life of a person who does not have special needs.
For our users, persons with disabilities, this probably means something more; This is a confirmation of their adulthood, granting of autonomy and confidence which enables them a better assessment of the quality of their own lives.

Of course, this also means greater personal responsibility when deciding about themselves and communicating with the environment in meeting personal needs.

Living in integrated housing is a model seen by the Institute as a development target for preventing institutionalization of adults with disabilities, and the implementation of gradual migration of our residents from the Institute, as well as a contribution to the social model of treatment of persons with disabilities.


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