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Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is performed at the Institute individually or in groups. Induviduals or groups experience the therapy in the cabinets of occupational therapy (Snoezeln, Hubbard or pool), and in the concrete narrow and broader living environment by integrating functional orthotic and orthopedic devices, and by adjusting the distance. Occupational therapist takes into account the importance of team work, cooperates with other practitioners to maximize the achievement of common results. Individual treatment and the NDT techniques, carried out by occupational therapists with Bobath certificate, in the field of sensorimotorics results in better posture tone and movement, as well as in improved posture and arm functions in users. Users gain new sensual motorical experience, pathological patterns and stereotypes are reduced. In the sensory, perceptual and cognitive field the use of a variety of materials, shapes, weight and hardness reduce sensory deficits, attention and concentration improve, as well as the functions of memory, thinking and perception.

Computer work as a therapeutic activity is very diverse. Users are able to offer a large range of stimuli, through which they gain new experiences and through them establish a better level of cognitive function, motor function, self-esteem, self-confidence, cognitive training and perception training. The computer as a therapeutic medium represents an ideal job and increasing autonomy in daily activities and management of the environment. Daily activities are an important area in occupational therapy. By choosing the proper position during eating, adapted utensils, surroundings and accessories for eating, and properly prepared food, we achieve greater independence and a notion of food culture. The proper encouragement, praise and motivation, a suitable atmosphere during activity are reflected positively in everyday life, the participants gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and maintain maximum independence in personal appearance; they take care of their close living environment, while integration into the broader environment is easier and better. 

Group therapies are divided according to their content into creative, employment, movement, music, sensory-stimulation and socialization groups. Participants are also included in households, trips and outings in the narrower and broader living environment, and participate in a variety of festivities and celebrations. Group work in occupational therapy is aimed at integrating people into the various contents of everyday life. The correct choice of group work, analysis and adjustment, as well as invitation to activities are important. The form of working in groups is adopted by various groups that give substance to a resident's daily life and at the same time bring external life to the Institute. The residents are included in groups by invitation, upon their wish, first as observers, and later as active members. 

By integration into different groups, there is interaction between individuals, attention and concentration are improved, and there is the possibility of their own choice, acquisition of new knowledge and skills, the ability to socialize and socially interact between each other. Integration in the narrower and broader living environment is an integral part of the comprehensive care of residents in occupational therapy, which is faced with predictable and unpredictable situations, where residents meet new people and respond to them. Occupational therapist learns about participants in different areas of activities, he or she learns about their willingness to work with others and to adapt their behaviour to the society, in which they may have different roles. New environment affects their behavior, they must adapt to it - the same way as they affect the environment. All activities within the framework of integration are aimed at participants and their environment, they are individualized and tailored to the level of mental development, desires and needs, and require certain skills from the participants.

We also carry out occupational therapy through therapeutic dogs, where dogs with a specific characteristic are the cornerstone of care for the user and equal participant in the process. Its purpose is to improve the physical, social, emotional and cognitive functioning of individuals, we have also observed a very strong motivational element. It makes it possible to influence several functional objectives at the same time, which is a big advantage, it contributes to the maintenance, preservation or acquisition of the skills needed for the functioning of individuals, moreover, what is particulary important is the contact with the animal and the development of ties of friendship between man and animal. A therapeutic pair consists of a dog and his handler and occupational therapist with additional training.

Occupational therapy in Snoezelen  Shopping in a store  Carnival feast in carnival tent  Self.feeding  
Occupational therapy in Snoezelen Shopping in a store Carnival feast in carnival tent Self-feeding
With the help of a computer, I communicate with the broader  Therapy dog in occupational therapy  We have arranged a herb garden   
With the help of a computer, I communicate with the broader Therapy dog in occupational therapy We have arranged a herb garden